Jcb teleskid reviews

JCB has been in the headlines quite a bit lately with announcements on a switch to Rolls-Royce engines in its largest excavators and an entry into the aerial lift market that the company was able to keep quiet for two years while 27 initial models were in development. According to a trademark applied for by JCB in July and awarded in January, this new machine lineup will be called Teleskid. The official status on the Teleskid is in a bit of an in-between state. JCB is holding off on a formal introduction of this machine until ConExpo and until then representatives with the company are keeping quiet in terms of releasing all the details.

However, several U. At 50 percent of tipping load, the skid steer is rated at a capacity of 3, pounds with the boom retracted and 1, pounds with the boom extended. At 35 percent of tipping load, the CTL capacity is rated at 3, pounds with the boom retracted and 1, pounds with the boom extended. Both models have a height to hinge pin of 10 feet, 6 inches while the boom is retracted. In this video, YES also notes that the Teleskid machines use high-flow hydraulics for work when the boom is retracted and switches to standard hydraulics when the boom is extended.

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JCB Teleskid

Thanks for joining us and I hope you enjoy your stay!! Welcome to HeavyEquipmentForums. Joined: Nov 11, Messages: Location: Missouri. JCB brought use one of there Teleskids to demo last week. Haven't had it in the dirt yet, been backing rock on asphalt.

I am used to running Takeuchi skids and the travel is a little jumpy for what I'm used to, salesrep said they could hook it up to the computer and dial it in if we buy one. They are super easy to get in and out and a lot of room in the cab, I'm 6' 2" and have plenty of room.

Visibility is amazing can see all the way around the machine. The teleboom comes in real handy, when I remember I have it.

Review: The JCB Teleskid reduces operating costs and boost profits.

Not sure about longevity, first time being around any JCB machines. Over all I am really like the machine. I like the idea of it but question how much I will actually use it versus how much I have to pay for it.

I also am not sold on durability yet. For now, I am happy with my Bobcat. Probably pretty durable. Plenty experience. I think it be better advantage for loading than as a typical application.

But who knows!!

jcb teleskid reviews

I think max dump height is around 12ft I think. Need little mo!

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Joined: Mar 27, Messages: 4, Location: sw missouri. I don't think it would hold up real well to heavy digging, especially if the operators don't make sure to get the boom down into the stops before pushing hard.

I've been around a couple telehandlers that guys had buckets for, and they tore them up in pretty short order. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now.JCB would like to place cookies on your device to optimise your user experience. By continuing to use this site, closing this banner or clicking 'I Agree' you agree to the use of cookies. To find out more about the cookies we use, see our cookie policy.

Also see our privacy notice. The Teleskid is also the only skid steer to offer the advantages of vertical lift—for greater lift capacity and lift height—and radial lift—for improved excavating and grading—in a single machine. The JCB Teleskid offers unmatched versatility on the job site. Load high-sided trucks without a ramp. Reach across an 8-foot flatbed trailer.

Lift and place over silt fences and other barriers. Dig out trees and roots or clear a drainage ditch. Never before have you been able to accomplish these tasks with a skid steer.

Now You Can! What would you do with a skid steer or compact track loader that can lift higher, reach further and dig deeper than any skid steer on the market? Load and unload both sides of a standard, 8-foot trailer from just one side.

3TS-8T Compact Track Loader

Load a high-sided trailer or stack items without building a ramp. Lift and place over a fence or obstacle without removing it or driving around it.

Teleskid offers greater tractive force and pushing power than a small telehandler or forklift, and breakout force that rivals many bigger machines. With an SAE operating weight of 12, lb 5, kg for the compact track loader and 9, lb 4, kg for the skid steer loader, the JCB Teleskid can easily be transported on a trailer. The JCB Teleskid is the only skid steer or compact tracked loader with a lift height of 13 feet 3 inches, a forward reach of 8 feet and, for the first time in a skid steer or compact track loader, the ability to dig 3 feet below the ground.

Additionally, Teleskid combines the advantages of vertical lift — for greater lift capacity and lift height — and radial lift — for improved excavating and grading — in a single machine. The 3TS-8T compact track loader model has a rated operating capacity of 3, lb 1, kg with the boom retracted and 1, lb kg with the boom fully extended.

The 3TS-8W wheeled skid steer loader model rates at 3, lb 1, kg and 1, lb kgrespectively. Not only is the JCB door up to twice the size of the competition, making it more comfortable to use, but it makes JCB the safest skid steer on the market.

No longer are operators required to climb over attachments or under an unsupported boom to enter through the front, as is necessary with competing machines. Visibility is further enhanced by the standard-fit electronic quick hitch with a fully enclosed tilt cylinder, which limits the build-up of material that might obstruct the operators view. Whether you choose the standard-fit, climate-controlled cab or the available canopy option, the operator environment in a JCB Teleskid cab is 33 percent larger than the industry average.

And with the standard-fit fully adjustable, heated, air-suspension seat, Teleskid is in a class of its own for operator comfort. With a proven, high-strength steel boom mounted on a fully welded, single-piece chassis and reliable components, the JCB Teleskid is constructed to maximize strength, durability and reliability.

JCB experience in manufacturing telescopic booms exceedsmachines in service. Lift, reach and dig further that any small platform compJCB would like to place cookies on your device to optimise your user experience. By continuing to use this site, closing this banner or clicking 'I Agree' you agree to the use of cookies.

To find out more about the cookies we use, see our cookie policy. Also see our privacy notice. Load a high-sided truck without a ramp or both sides of a flatbed trailer from one side.

Dump material or stack pallets and bales higher than ever before to free up valuable ground space. Dig or clear drainage ditches. Remove stumps and roots. Mow down a slope. Place loads over fences or obstacles. The possibilities are endless. The Teleskid is available in three models. The Teleskid 3TS-8T is a compact track loader with a rated operating capacity of 3, lb 1, kg and the Teleskid 3TS-8W is a wheeled skid steer with a rated operating capacity of 3, lb 1, kg.

Both 3TS models offer 13 feet 3 inches of lift height 4. The compact Teleskid 2TS-7T compact track loader has a rated operating capacity of 2, lb kglift height of 11 feet 10 inches 3. A climate-controlled cab is standard, and an optional canopy is available, offering up to 47 percent more room and 60 percent better visibility than comparable, large-platform skid steers.

Lift, reach and dig further that any small platform comp Lift higher, reach further and dig deeper than ever before. Customer Support. Yellow Shield.JCB skid steer and compact track loaders have earned a measure of product distinction in the marketplace with their PowerBoom design, which uses a single boom arm on the right side of the machine.

Recognizing that these new models were significantly different from their predecessors, Construction Equipment asked JCB for the loan of a New Generation machine in order to get a close look at its features and capabilities. The 8,poundlargest model in the new range so far, produces 92 horsepower gross from its TC Dieselmax engine and has a rated operating capacity of 3, pounds.

The day was cold, with a raw wind that whipped around a large pile of water-soaked, partially frozen crushed limestone, where the did some basic digging and load-and-carry runs. First off, since Peterson and Ackert were unfamiliar with JCB skid-steers, we asked Chaney to give us a walk-around of the and to touch on the basic aspects of the New Generation design. The PowerBoom, according to Chaney, uses some 20 percent more material in its fabrication than is used in both boom arms of most conventional designs, and its linkage pins are three times larger in diameter than those typically found on skid-steers.

jcb teleskid reviews

A total of 18 New Generation models is on the way, with a mix of wheeled and tracked machines, as well as a mix of vertical- and radial-lift linkages. During the New Generation design phase, said Chaney, engineers were encouraged to keep an open mind about machine features, and the exercise resulted in some new approaches to routine skid-steer design.

For example, he said, one engineer questioned why enclosed-cab skid-steers have steel mesh on the side windows. Among the significant refinements in the New Generation design, Chaney told us, is increased pressure and flow for greater hydraulic capability. Ourfor instance, delivered A complete redesign of the hydraulic system eliminated 25 percent of the connections, compared to Series II, said Chaney, and connections now use O-ring face seals, which replace British Standard Pipe fittings.

Auxiliary lines terminate conveniently at a quick-connect panel at the boom head, including a case drain and a pin connector for electric functions at the attachment. A new hydraulically driven cooling fan is thermostatically controlled to run only at speeds required to provide optimal cooling.

Compared with Series II models, the large-platform New Generation machines have a significantly longer wheelbase 48 versus 44 incheswhich, said Chaney, makes a notable difference in the ride quality and stability of the new models. The chain case has been redesigned, featuring heavier chains that require no adjustment after tensioning at the factory. In addition, the design of the axle towers also allows easy access to the case interior, he said, and a universal bolt-hole pattern allows switching wheel types.

Cabs for New Generation models are some 33 percent larger than those of the Series II, and the new cabs are sealed and pressurized to keep interiors cleaner and quieter. Instrument panels have been moved to the upper front corners of the cab, and the throttle is now electronic—using a dial to set the engine speed preferred by the operator, coupled with a foot throttle for accelerating upward from that setting.

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Teleskid Skid Steer & Compact Track Loader

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