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These letters are an important initial reference for families when they begin screening potential nannies. When you write the nanny reference letter, it is important to remember that this letter is not a thank you note to the nanny for good service.

Rather it is directed to the potential hiring family — a family with young children like yours who is trying to decide whether the nanny will be a competent, caring, and dependable child care choice for them. You are writing this letter parent to parent. How do you write a letter of recommendation for a nanny? Our child is developmentally challenged, and day after day Mary enveloped him in encouragement, acceptance and love. Our child continues to achieve beyond our expectations, and, like Mary, never becomes discouraged.

Changing jobs is stressful for a nanny, even more so when she is leaving a situation that she loves and where she knows she was appreciated. Learning how to write a nanny letter of recommendation really is a thank you to your nanny — one of the nicest ways you can put the final punctuation mark to your employment relationship.

Still have questions? I understand that I am registering for access to HWS. I grant HWS permission to contact me via email regarding household payroll and tax services they offer. Knowledge Center Index Document Downloads. Your life is busy enough. Go ahead, simplify! We would be delighted to help. Receive industry related news and updates though our blog. Access our FREE payroll tax calculators. All fields are required.Whether your nanny is leaving to work for another family or to pursue a different career path, a strong letter of reference can help further her professional endeavors.

As her employer, you have first-hand knowledge of her work ethic, reliability and professionalism, making you an ideal source for a solid recommendation on her behalf. Your letter of reference should highlight your nanny's qualifications and strengths — and convince other employers to hire her.

Traditional recommendation letters are four to five paragraphs long and written in essay format. Your letter should contain an introduction that tells the reader about your relationship with your nanny, how long you've known her and some information regarding your own credentials. The letter should have two or three paragraphs that cover your nanny's qualifications, as well as a strong conclusion that explains why your nanny would be the best person for the job she's applying for.

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Your reference letter should be written in the first person and speak from your own experience. However, it should be written professionally and formal in tone. Incorporate strong vocabulary and keywords that are likely to stand out to the reader in a positive way.

When writing about your nanny's experience, give a few detailed examples about her performance. Discuss ways she's improved your child's life or has exceeded your expectations as her employer. For example, highlight that she voluntarily tutored your child to help him pass a test or talk about creative outings she's planned and supervised with your kids.

Give specific examples that speak to her professionalism. For example, state that she's never been late while working for you or that she's willingly stayed late with your children when you were running behind at work.

Be factual throughout your letter and avoid embellishing the truth. In addition to personal anecdotes, your reference letter should highlight your nanny's strengths, skills and abilities. For example, mention that she has strong organization and time management skills, or that she's a natural leader and motivator.

If your nanny is applying for another childcare job, cater the letter to present skills and abilities that are directly related to caring for children. For example, discuss her ability to prepare nutritious meals, plan education outings and keep children focused and on task. If she's applying for a job outside of childcare, highlight more versatile skills that she can use in another industry.

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Free Nanny Reference Letter

Copyright Leaf Group Ltd.Customize this Letter Recommendation letters are typically designed to help an individual get hired, enter graduate school or obtain a promotion.

A nanny recommendation letter might help somebody who has worked for you find a new nanny position or demonstrate responsibility to a potential graduate school. I hired Jill Ayers to work as a nanny in my home four years ago, and I would certainly recommend her work.

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Jill has demonstrated tremendous responsibility in taking care of our children and in keeping the house in working order. She is kind, trustworthy and great with children.

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It is clear to me that working as a nanny is a passion for Jill. She loves working with the children, and I see this manifest in her communication skills and creative ideas for activities. She keeps the children occupied and most importantly, safe. Ultimately, Jill is an excellent nanny because she is so trustworthy.

She is always on-time and held to high responsibility. My family has never known her not to be forthcoming and honest. View All Recommendation Letter Samples.

reference letter nanny

Create My Letter. Want to use this letter? Customize this Letter. Recommendation letters are typically designed to help an individual get hired, enter graduate school or obtain a promotion. Dear Hiring Manager, I hired Jill Ayers to work as a nanny in my home four years ago, and I would certainly recommend her work. Sincerely, Shandy Martin. As seen in:. Customer Service. All rights reserved.Ten and years from now it may be hard for former employers to be able to answer reference questions.

Of course parents will only pick and choose the topics they feel are essential to share with prospective employers. Here are some ideas of questions to answer in a written letter of reference for your nanny:.

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reference letter nanny

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reference letter nanny

Notify me of new posts via email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Here are some ideas of questions to answer in a written letter of reference for your nanny: Did your children like the nanny? How many years did the nanny work for you? Was the nanny prompt, arrive to work on time ready to work, and reliable? Was the nanny warm, loving, and nurturing towards the children? Did the nanny show initiative and make an effort to do a good job?

Was the nanny willing to openly communicate about the child and maintain daily logs or notes as required for the job? Did the nanny show trustworthiness, good judgment, and confidentiality of private family matters?

Can the nanny handle life stresses in a capable manner?

8+ Sample Nanny Reference Letters

Did the nanny show attention to child safety? Did the nanny show attention to child hygiene, prepare food safely, and keep toys clean?

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Did the nanny prepare healthy snacks and meals? Did the nanny create a pleasant and enthusiastic environment for the kids to learn and play in? Did the nanny respect extended family when they came to visit?

reference letter nanny

How did the nanny go above and beyond at her job? Why would you hire the nanny again?

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Why do you recommend the nanny to other parents as a childcare provider? Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like LoadingReference letters can be required for many reasons, such as schools often require a reference letter as a part of an application and organizations often ask for a reference letter for candidates under consideration.

A recent graduate will also need a reference letter from his or her professor if an organization asks for it. Nanny Reference letter is written to recommend a person about a nanny for babysitting. The letter contains all the specific details about the nanny including her character as well as work experience. The letter must clearly show how expert the nanny is in handling the children and looking after them so that they may grow up into good human beings.

8+ Sample Babysitter Reference Letter Templates

Use our free Nanny Reference Letter to help you get started. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below. She is quite well popular among many of my known families and friends due to her mind-blowing skills in handling a baby. Hope you liked my proposal. I was informed by Martha that you have been looking for a nanny for quite some time now, to look after your baby? She has work experience of 8 years and has been completing her duties throughout the years.

She is very loving with babies and is very clean, hygienic and organized with her work. Her name is Betty, and you can easily contact her at You must be logged in to post a comment.

Letters Privacy Policy Contact Us. The letter must contain the full character details, and the work experience of the nanny is recommended. The recommendation must be made quite carefully because this involves children, who may belong to any age group — baby, youngster or even a teenager who needs to be taken care of. The letter must be a very personal letter so remember to make it sound personal.

Remember, you are suggesting a person to look after an infant or young child so be honest and genuine about it. No wrong information must be provided by a person, as someone who is not well skilled in this work may not be appropriate for the baby. Nanny Reference Letter Template. Date: 2nd March To, Shauna P. Regards and best, Myra Skinwhite. Email Format. This is an email format to guide you to write a reference letter for a nanny. From: name email.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.From: Mrs. To: Mr. Dave Stephens Apt. I am writing in reference to the job application of Ms. Elena Joseph for the post Nanny in your home. Elena has worked with us for many years. Our agency has helped her get jobs with many families.

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She has great experience as a Nanny with different ages of children. She has many qualities that make her a perfect Nanny.

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She is very caring and understanding. With years of experience, she now understands the behavior of children of all ages very easily. She knows it well that how to raise a child efficiently. She is a responsible Nanny. Over these years, we never received any complaint about her from any of our clients. Elena has received recognition from many clients.

She is also a good teacher and goes out of her way to help children with their home-work and prepare for the exams. She treats all children like her own and guides them on different issues, from personal to social. Elena advises children on their behavior during puberty and guides them to handle different things in life. So, because of her great qualities, I happily recommend her.

She will be a great help to your child and your family. Copyright by FoundLetters.

Screening, Interviewing and Checking Backgrounds of Candidates

No part of the Letters may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, without the prior written permission of the publisher. Home Subscribe.

Sample Letter. Follow FoundLetters.Regardless of how you find a nanny candidate or how often they will be caring for your children, it is essential to thoroughly screen all potential providers.

While many potential employers will run background checks on potential nannies, they may be tempted to skip or rush through another critical step in the screening process - checking references. If you are hiring your nanny through a nanny agency, there may be someone in place who will check them on your behalf.

Such a person will be experienced and skilled in checking references and will be able to identify a fake reference and read between the lines when it comes to what a reference says and what they truly mean. However, nanny agencies can be expensive, and for parents who want to be hands on in their nanny selection process, an online nanny site may be the best option. If you are going to screen your nanny without the assistance of a skilled professional, it is important that you have the proper mindset and tools needed to conduct a thorough screening.

When checking references, it is important to not only listen to what the references say, but to pay attention to what they do not say. Unlike other types of jobs, where someone serving as a reference is limited legally to what he or she can say about the person, those serving as references for nannies may be more forthcoming with information, both good and bad.

When you make the initial reference call, trust your instincts and listen closely to everything the nanny reference says. Most likely when you are checking references, you will be speaking to a parent just like you who understands that the person you select will be caring for your children in an unsupervised environment. Don't be afraid to ask a lot of questions. Ask about the nanny's demeanor and credentials, but also ask questions about how the nanny related to the family for whom she worked.

When you know the ages of the children the nanny previously cared for, for example, you can delve deeper into the nanny's behavior in situations that most closely resemble those she may encounter with your own family.

You'll also want to pay attention to the tone and demeanor of the reference. If the reference speaks about the nanny in an excited and enthusiastic tone, it could indicate that she was truly pleased with the nanny and her performance, The reference may also come across rushed or distracted, and you should factor that into how you feel about the reference interview as well.

Before you begin checking references, consider jotting down questions that relate to specific duties or responsibilities you would be asking your nanny to do. For example, if you have a family pet, ask the reference how the nanny was around animals.

If your nanny will be transporting your children to and from school, ask about the nanny's driving abilities and find out if she was punctual for school drop-offs and pickups. If you are working with a brick-and-mortar nanny agency, they should be able to give you other tips about what to ask a reference. If you are working with online nanny services, you may have access to helpful worksheets that list additional questions to ask a nanny reference. Nannies with little or no prior experience may list friends or family members as prior employers.

Beware of phony references.

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