Spiritual reason for swollen tonsils

Tonsils have a creative purpose and function within the body. They are not superficial in their function, and when the tonsils are removed the whole activity is never again present in that particular physical body. In talking about tonsils and adenoids, the reading for declared "These are for a normal healthy development in body and mind, as we find, necessary to a body. These removed may or may not be harmful to the better conditions of a body, for they are as scavengers of portions of conditions for the system; they are as the activities for the relief of tension and strain in system.

On occasion a tonsillectomy was suggested in the readings, this coming about when the body had not been cared for according to previous directions; or in those cases where other serious diseases intervened, and it became necessary to remove the tonsils which were adding toxins and poisons to the circulation, thus preventing more normal functioning of the body otherwise.

This was seen in a case of rheumatic fever. The etiology of tonsillitis is the impairment of circulation either generally throughout the body or locally as the throat and head seek to bring about a local equilibrium. Tonsillitis results from the drosses wastes and toxins carried in the circulation.

Eliminations - inadequate as a general measure of the body or as a local problem - underlie virtually every condition of inflamed tonsils and adenoids.

Associated with this and often causative are lesions or subluxations in the cervical or upper dorsal vertebrae, these again producing a lack of proper function of the circulation in the throat and head.

As a portion of the total lymphatic system, the tonsils and adenoids act as local resistance to infection and find themselves related to the other lymphatic centers such as the Peyer's patch area in the upper intestinal tract.

Most of the readings given for tonsillitis were to individuals who were quite young, this being the age in which the disease is most commonly found.

Swollen tonsils (tonsillitis) causes, symptoms, and home remedies

In approaching therapy, we should remember that the body has a capability of normal function:. Thus, we would administer those activities which would bring a normal reaction through these portions, stimulating them to an activity from the body itself, rather than the body becoming dependent upon supplies that are robbing portions of the system to produce activity in other portions, or the system receiving elements or chemical reactions being supplied without arousing the activity of the system itself for a more normal condition.

spiritual reason for swollen tonsils

Tonsillitis as such should be approached as a therapeutic problem with the whole individual in view. Other conditions, when present, need to be treated or brought into focus as part of the whole picture of the disease process. The aim in therapy is to bring about adequate eliminations through all channels; to purify or clarify the blood and the intestinal tract; and to correct pressures and lesions which may be present in the upper vertebrae of the body.

Corrections in diet should be made, and a period of time should be allowed without strain on the throat or on the entire organism. In this manner eliminations will be brought into a high state of efficiency - even more so than during a state of normal health - and the system will be relieved of drosses and toxins which have accumulated.

Through osteopathic adjustments the neurological impulses to the throat and the adjacent areas will be normalized, and the circulation will become more efficient and more balanced in its functioning. The dietary adjustments and the correction of the possible abnormalities of acid-base balance in the intestinal tract then produces a more normal assimilation-allowing the body to rebuild and resolving the inflammation and abnormalities of the tonsils.

Tonsillectomy as such should be reserved for those cases which are refractory in their nature or which create a dangerous level of toxins within the system. Osteopathic adjustments and manipulations should be begun immediately to correct abnormal impulses from lesions and subluxations and to bring about more adequate lymph drainage to the area of the tonsils and surrounding tissue. Cleansing of the body should be instituted, using enemas or colonics where possible, or cathartics such as BiSoDol, phosphate soda, or syrup of pepsin such as is found later in this commentary.

For those conditions in which drainage from inflamed nasal tissue and tonsillar tissue creates an acid condition in the stomach, Glyco-Thymoline in small doses is helpful. Most commonly an alkaline-reacting diet would be advisable. Rest without straining of the body or throat or eyes is important in this condition. Persistence and consistency in carrying out the recommendations always seem to be a portion of the suggestions given in the readings.

It is important that the adjustments and the cleansing of the intestinal tract be done in cycles until the throat is completely normal and that a proper diet be maintained during this time. If we would take a tonic such as Codiron, three tablets each day - these taken at mealtimes - we will find that we will make for greater improvement in the general health of the body.

This year-old man was advised by his doctor to have a tonsillectomy. The reading stated it was not best to have his tonsils removed; that he would have difficulty; that his blood was not in a condition to have this done. Preferably, he should have osteopathic treatments. If there is trouble with the face and throat, we would wrap about same a cotton cloth two or three thicknesses well saturated with the GlycoThymoline, and keep it on for an hour and a half to two hours.

This will aid in reducing the inflammation. Caldwell's syrup of pepsin as an antiseptic and an eliminant. Give about half to three-quarters of a teaspoonful two or three times a day, or about three hours apart, until there are good eliminations from the alimentary canal.Suffering from an acute pain in the throat? Finding it hard to swallow foods? Has the process of eating become a nightmare for you? If your answer is yes, you are most probably having a case of swollen tonsil or Tonsillitis.

Picture 1 — Tonsillitis Source — typepad. Tonsillitis is a health condition that is characterized by swollen or inflamed tonsils. As you must be aware, tonsils are the two large masses of tissue in the throat that act as a defense against invading germs and organisms. There is a tonsil on either side of the throat. When one or both of these tissue balls suffer an inflammation, there is a case of Tonsillitis. If the tonsils get too enlarged, they may even be touching each other.

Swollen tonsils in children are also known as kissing tonsils. However, there may also be a case of Swollen Tonsils on one side. Inflammation or swelling is one of the main symptoms of Tonsillitis in adults as well as children. Swollen tonsils lead to difficulties in swallowing and cause much discomfort while eating or drinking.

Sufferers may also find it difficult in opening their mouth. The tonsils may appear red in case of an inflammation. Red Swollen Tonsils are very common in case of a cold virus infection. Tonsillitis in babies leads to very red tonsils. In people with swollen tonsils white spots or yellow patches are often visible. Swollen Tonsils with white spots give the mouth a ghastly appearance.If you buy something through a link on this page, we may earn a small commission. How this works. The tonsils sit at the back of the throat.

They are collections of lymphoid tissue that form part of the immune system. Although tonsillitis can be uncomfortable and unpleasant, the condition is rarely a major health concern. Most people will recover from tonsillitis within a few days, whether they take medication or not. Most symptoms will resolve within 7—10 days. In this article, we explain the causes, diagnosis, and symptoms of tonsillitis.

We also provide some facts about treatment, including the removal of tonsils. Some people may develop tonsil stones, which doctors also call tonsilloliths or tonsillar calculi. A tonsillolith is a calcified buildup of material in the crevices of the tonsils.

Tonsil stones can be a nuisance and sometimes difficult to remove, but they are not generally harmful. Tonsillitis can sometimes cause the throat to swell so much that breathing becomes difficult. This is rare, but If it occurs, seek medical attention urgently. To diagnose tonsillitis, a doctor will start with a general examination and will check for swelling around the tonsils, often with white spots. Doctors may also inspect the exterior of the throat for signs of enlarged lymph glands and a rash that sometimes occurs.

The doctor might take a swab of the infected area for closer inspection.


Using this technique, they can determine whether the cause of the infection is viral or bacterial. They may also carry out a complete blood cell count. This test involves taking a tiny amount of blood to investigate levels of certain types of blood cells. This bloodwork can help a doctor supplement the information they have obtained from the swab.

spiritual reason for swollen tonsils

In some cases, if the swab is inconclusive, a complete blood cell count can help the doctor determine the best treatment. People can use over-the-counter OTC pain relieving medications to numb the symptoms of tonsillitis. If a bacterial infection is causing tonsillitis, a doctor will usually prescribe antibiotics. However, they will not do so for a person with viral tonsillitis.Tonsils are small structures inside our mouth.

The main function of this part is to trap infectious air particles and transmit it to the lymphatic system so that they get ejected out of the human body through the immune system. Swollen tonsils usually occur due to viral or bacterial infections like strep throat, cold, herpes, measles etc. Medically swollen tonsils are also known as tonsillitis.

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It is a swelling of the two lymph nodes on the side of the neck. Any person can catch this disease but it is more prone to children. This disease is contagious because it is caused by streptococcal bacteria or other viruses. If it is left untreated for a long time then it may lead to complications too. Many times the symptoms of swollen tonsils disappear on their own within 10 days.

Given below are some home remedies for tonsillitis which prove to be useful during this infection. They are:. Salt is anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti viral and anti inflammatory. It is thus the best home remedies for tonsillitis. When you gargle you form a whirlpool of hot water inside the throat.

This whirlpool helps to melt away the phlegm and pus that is stuck between tonsils which usually cannot come out with the usual spit.

spiritual reason for swollen tonsils

When you gargle the water flushes the area and loosens the pus cells stuck around the crevices and other nook and corner. Thus it helps support osmosis. Do you know why salt water gargle is advantageous for swollen tonsils? The increase in blood circulation in the human body helps it to fight away the infections faster.

This is the best tonsillitis cure as you will definitely note a difference within a matter of few days. Do not mix in excess salt as it will cause a drying effect in throat worsening the current situation. When you are seeking home remedies for tonsils it is important to remember that taking proper rest in this condition is extremely important. Taking rest speeds up the healing process. If you are suffering from tonsillitis then you must get proper 7 to 9 hours of sleep at night.

You can take a break from the regular exercise routine.

Tonsillitis - Causes, symptoms & treatment - Dr. Claudia

Do not undertake any strenuous activity. You can also try sitting or sleeping in the positions given below to alleviate swelling. It is the best home remedy for tonsillitis cure. Baking soda is commonly found in homes and used for several purposes like cleaning, skin problems and basic first aid too. It is one of the most effective home medicines because of its anti bacterial, anti viral and anti inflammatory properties.

You need to mix the baking soda in warm water and swish with it. This needs to be done at least 1 time everyday till you get relief.Tonsillitis is an inflammatory disease. It occurs when your tonsils become infected by a virus or bacteria. There are two tonsils, one on each side. They help fight infection by reacting to germs that enter through your nose and mouth.

Infected tonsils become inflamed and swollen. Swollen tonsils often are the first sign of tonsillitis. It may feel like your throat or neck glands are swollen. Other symptoms may include:. Children who have tonsillitis may have stomach pain. This is more common when strep is the cause of tonsillitis. Viral infections cause most cases of tonsillitis. For example, the virus that causes mononucleosis, or mono, called the Epstein-Barr virus can cause tonsillitis.

The main bacteria are a certain type of streptococcus, or strep.

Swollen Tonsils – Symptoms, Causes, Pictures, Treatment and Home Remedies

In these cases, the illness may be called strep throat. Contact your doctor if you or your child has symptoms of tonsillitis.

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Your doctor will ask about symptoms. They will check your ears, nose, and throat for swelling and signs of infection. Your doctor will use a swab to take a sample from the back of your throat. The sample may be used for a rapid strep test or a throat culture. Both tests can show if your infection is caused by strep or another bacteria.

A rapid strep test only takes a few minutes to show results. A throat culture must be sent to a lab and takes 24 hours or more. It is more reliable than a rapid stress test, which can give a false negative result. The doctor may order both tests to ensure a diagnosis. Treatment for tonsillitis varies based on the cause. For a bacterial infection, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics. Antibiotics also help reduce your risk of infecting others.

Tonsillitis is not contagious, but the infections that cause it are contagious. It is spread through contact with other people. You can prevent getting and giving it by:. Surgery to remove the tonsils tonsillectomy used to be common. Today, doctors only recommend surgery if tonsillitis is severe or recurring chronic.

All you need to know about tonsillitis

If tonsillitis is left untreated, pus can collect in the back of your throat behind your tonsils. This is called an abscess. If you have an abscess, your doctor will need to drain it with a needle.Normally when we hear of a constantly painful sore throat with swelling and a loss of appetite, we immediately think of a problem with the tonsils.

But, did you know it is possible for only one tonsil to be affected? And, did you know not all fingers point to tonsillitis? There are other underlying health conditions that result in a swollen tonsil on one side. We will take a closer look at the tonsils and how to distinguish and treat the three main causes of one swollen tonsil.

Our tonsils are small bumps on either side in the back of the throat consisting of lymph node tissue. They are solely responsible for fighting infections travelling in the mouth and nose, mainly in the first year of life while the immune system develops and becomes strong. The tonsils can become swollen when affected by an infection and present various symptoms, which is commonly seen in those between the ages of two and Having a tonsil swollen on one side can seem strange, but it does happen with several conditions of the throat.

The three most common ailments are tonsillitis, strep throat, and peritonsillar abscess, better known as quinsy. While both tonsils can usually be affected by these conditions, it is possible to have one tonsil swollen. Tonsillitis refers to the swelling and inflammation of the tonsils. Both young children and adults can experience this condition. Tonsillitis may be the result of a bacterial or a viral infection. If a bacterial infection is the culprit, you can be contagious through direct contact for up to two weeks, while a viral infection usually remains contagious from seven to 10 days.

Most cases have a link with the streptococcus bacteria, while some are the result of different viruses. These can include the influenza virus, the herpes simplex virus, the Epstein-Barr virus, the parainfluenza virus, the enterovirus, and the adenovirus. Streptococcus is another cause of having only one tonsil swollen. This condition can be seen mostly in those ages five to 15 but can affect anyone at any age.

Strep throat can cause inflammation and swelling. It is highly contagious, as it can spread by coughing and sneezing. It is important to note you can be in contact with a contagious person before they present any symptoms of strep throat. A peritonsillar abscess is also called quinsy, and while it is not a common ailment, it is a genuine issue.

It can be a complication of tonsillitis as pus from the infection gathers between the tonsil and the wall of the throat, and develops into an abscess. The abscess can also be the result of mononucleosis. If the saliva glands under the tongue Weber glands become inflamed, a peritonsillar abscess can also form. This recurring condition is more likely to affect teens and young adults. The three most common causes mentioned above present similar symptoms as they all affect the throat and mouth regions, and are the result of an infection.

The swollen tonsil on one side treatment plan depends not only on the originating cause but also the severity of the condition. Whether it is from tonsillitis, strep throat, or a peritonsillar abscess, you should rest your voice as much as your body during the healing process.

Maintain hydration and nourish your body with soft, smooth food choices to prevent further throat pain. You should follow the treatment tip according to the cause of your swollen tonsil on one side. A physical examination and a swab test by a medical professional will detect a bacterial or a viral infection. If your tonsillitis is due to a bacterial infection, an antibiotic will be prescribed. Viral infections are best to heal on their own.Your tonsils you know, those two blobs of tissue at the back of your throat are there for you through every cough, sneeze, and sniffle, battening down the hatches every time an infection tries to invade your body.

But every so often, they become swollen and sore, and you might find yourself wondering how to return the favor. As for what might be causing your tonsils to inflate? It could be a number of things.

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Here, doctors reveal potential causes of swollen tonsils that adults can experience, and exactly what to do about them. Viral tonsil infections are very common, says Clare Morrison, MD, general practitioner and medical advisor at MedExpress.

There are several different strains of virus that can affect the tonsils and trigger swelling— influenzaadenovirus, Epstein-Barr monoherpes simplex —and they tend to go hand-in-hand with cold symptoms. Think: fever, headacherunny nosesore throat. Besides difficulty swallowing, you might also experience bad breath and have trouble opening your mouth. Left untreated, bacterial tonsillitis can lead to a more complicated infection that causes pus to collect around the capsule of the tonsil.

Because strep is sometimes associated with sinusitis, ear infections, and pneumoniait can be hard to tell if your swollen tonsils are the victim of a viral or bacterial infection. If symptoms persist, Dr. DeSilva recommends having your doc run a rapid strep test to determine if antibiotics are needed.

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These yellow-white spots are pebbles that have a cheese-like quality to them, and are typically a result of tiny food particles building up in the nooks and crannies of the tonsils, says Dr.

This can cause bacteria to grow, leading to swelling and all-around discomfort. The fix? You can also gently dig out extra-stubborn ones with a cotton swab or the back of your toothbrush, followed by regularly brushing and flossing to prevent new stones from setting up shop.

Reflux that affects the throat is called laryngopharyngeal reflux phewor LPR. When stomach acid travels up and into the throat on the regular, the chronic burning and irritation can cause sore and swollen tonsils. Morrison, who also recommends sleeping with sufficient pillows to keep yourself propped up, popping antacids as needed, and steering clear of tight-fitting waistbands. Another sucky side effect that can cause swollen tonsils is post-nasal drip that icky feeling of mucus running down the back of your throat.

The throat irritation it spurs can also cause tissues in the throat to swell, including the tonsils, according to the American Academy of Otolaryngology. Both syphilis and gonorrhea can flare up in the throat area. Syphilis usually appears as sores in the early stages, called chancres, and can crop up at the back of your throat, swelling your tonsils in the process. Symptoms of gonorrhea are more subtle, and can include mouth soreness and burning in the throat. The sooner you catch them, the easier they are to treat.

If you suspect an STD might be the cause of your swollen tonsils, your doc can do a throat swab to be sure—and if positive, prescribe antibiotics, according to the American Dental Association.

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